16 Years BP: The Master tells Belush to save the princess who is destined to perform great deeds.

1 Year BP: In the Shadar-kai village, Asthme, an asthmatic hermaphrodite priestess of the Raven Queen, predicts that Chandrapal has all the signs of being ‘the chosen one’ who will defeat Belen.

9 months BP: The snow witch Shaka reveals the legend that Belush had heard is true: she was an Eladrin follower of the Goddess Mora, the Goddess of Power and the Mother of Goddes Kord. However, Mora was destroyed by the other Gods, and Chaka was banished to this realm to eternally guard Mora’s essence and to lead an eternal fight with hordes of various evil creatures banished here. Belen seeks to unleash their power.

3 weeks BP: In his dream, Belush defends a statue of tremendous power from attacks by Cuthbert. The statue turns out to be his own future self who warns him: if Grizelda does not honour her deal with Asmodeus, all the heroes will die eventually, and Belush won’t be able to prevent Belen’s victory.

3 weeks BP: The story revealed by Berethor’s Frescoes: 200 years ago, Crown Prince Belen invented a cure for mortality and rose above all others. The Gods (particularly Erathis, Pelor, the Raven Queen and Kord) assisted those who crushed him. But the prophesy says Belen will rise again, reincarnated as four evil children, all of whom have the potential of fulfilling Belen’s destiny. The New Belen will fight against four champions appointed by the Gods, who alone can defeat him. But Belen will be victorious, ushering a new era where humans will be immortal and will rival the Gods.


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