Champions of the Gods

Burberry's Secrets

Kidnappings and Old Friends

Grizelda, Belush, and Chandrapal mount up and decide to travel south towards the mysterious “Barazgund Hall” which Belush believes to be associated with the southern dwarves. On the main road from Diver City south, they stop in the early evening at Burberry, a wool market town renowned for its luxury knitted goods. Burberry, being a market town, has a lively population of Elves, halflings, dwarves, and humans, but the adventurers are surprised to find that it also has a large refugee population.

Speaking to the huddling masses filling The Greedy Lamb (the first pub within the town gates), the adventurers find that the bulk of the population has fled south through the Elven forests from Smorshga, where Chandra the Child, its leader, has gone mad and the forces of Belen are besieging the city. This is ill news to the group, as when they had left Diver City some days ago the siege had not yet begun on Smorshga. Grizelda and Belush talk to what they think is a mad woman, Doris, surrounded by her children, and who alarmingly and haltingly speaks of kidnappings and disappearances among the refugee population. Her fellow refugee, Betsy, confirms the story and says that the refugees are keeping away from the Dyers’ Hall, and that the suspicion is that that’s the source of the trouble.

Belush talks to some Elven patrons who inadvertently confirm the story, speaking of the mad wailings of the vermin-like population of humans. Meanwhile, Grizelda finds a group of dwarves, one of the few groups she has seen after leaving her home and Fallcrest, and strikes up a conversation, inquiring about “Barazgund Hall.” She is informed that it is an ill name, which speaks of great grandeur and great arrogance, and that some dwarves struck a poor deal with a demon—“I think,— mind, I say I THINK I know they struck it, so they say” and that the current southern dwarves guard the entrance to protect the area from whatever malice it contains, and give daily devotions to Kord and are perhaps the most pious dwarves on the continent.

When deciding where to go next, the group encounters…


Thorvaldr Meagoinc

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