Champions of the Gods

Towards the Darkness

Our heroes Grizelda, Content Not Found: Belush, and Chandrapal have already killed three spined demons awakened from the walls of the armory in what seems to be a secret temple to Asmodeus deep in the forest a day’s walk south of Diver City. Grizelda shows great fortitude, constantly turning away attacks, while Belush deals mass damage and Chandrapal efficiently disposes of the weakened devils with his deadly arrows.

After killing the remaining four demons, the group patches their wounds and continues through the temple, avoiding traps Chandrapal detects along the way. They enter a dimly lit room which appears to be the shabby remains of a library, the shelves partly burned in an irregular fashion and char marks on the walls, no doubt by some conjured fire-breathing demon. Scanning the crisped remnants, the heroes notice books in Elven (Chandrapal pockets “Secrets of the Forest”), Dwarven (Grizelda takes for herself “The 25 Mysteries of Kord”), and Human, among many other languages, but Belush also observes several books in Abyssal. Drawn to one, which he sees on the spine says “Vile Darkness”, he feels compelled to take it off the shelf.

Grizelda feels as if a chill had entered the room. Belush is fascinated, running through his knowledge of arcana and history and religion, trying to see if the book would be of any use to him. He recalls that, yes, this may be a book of Vile Darkness, and if he were caught with it, he would certainly be expelled from the League of Extraordinary Goodness. He opens the book against the recommendations of others, and as soon as he opens it, a scream pierces the silence. He slams the book shut, and the scream stops.


Thorvaldr Meagoinc

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